About Us

About us

Mecarnic is a leading manufacturer of GPS tracking hardware and software solutions provider. Our Portfolio of products includes three variants of hardware specially designed to suit the needs of different segments of mobility industry.

Our hardware’s are customized for deployment in commercial goods carriers, commercial passenger vehicles, private vehicles, Construction equipment and heavy machinery.

We believe in “Contributing Positively” to the utilization of vehicles in a fleet to decrease the turn-around time of a fleet there by increasing profitability. Contributing positively to the safety of drivers and vehicles in a fleet by delivering valuable insides in to the on road, in vehicle behavior of drivers. We believe in contributing positively to reduce wastage of precious and expense fuel by tracking engine idle time a reduction in idle timing is good for reducing operating cost but it also great for reducing pollution and contribute to a greener world.

Our mission is reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on our countries roads and highways by promoting safety first approach of fleets and to provide fleet managers the necessary tools accomplish this with in their fleet .


To promote “safety first” in all fleet


To deliver customized GPS tracking solutions for every segments in the mobility industry


  • Quality
  • Excellence
  • Team work
  • Customer first