Connected Car Solution.

Connected car solution to track & secure vehicles. Making and managing fleets slimpler & in a better way by understanding and improving driving behaviour pattern.
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About Us


The app that comes with the device turns your phone into a virtual mechanic that scans your car engine for any faults that need to be fixed. It comes with a Vehicle Condition Reporting System to help you diagnose all the problems existing in your car engine. The app notifies you as soon as some problem is detected so you can consult a trustworthy mechanic to get it fixed. Apart from detecting the flaws, there is a lot more to the product. The app lets you track your car, friends and family. You can also get live traffic details or find a nearby fuel pump. The app is available on Google Play to be downloaded and get started!

A new class of devices called OBD are being developed that monitor the car’s computer sensor data by using the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port that is present in all passenger cars. This engine information is then used by the OBD devices to make your driving experience much safer and more comfortable. It helps the driver improve his driving skills and helps connect to emergency response services.

So, Mecarnic turns your car into a smart car, allowing you a number of added functions. The app can be downloaded on a smart phone as well as on a tablet to allow you to see the vital data of your car and assess its health by using a Bluetooth device plugged into the OBD connector of the car.


services & applications

Driving Insights

  • Monitor and improve driving habits.
  • Receive recommended tips based on driving.
  • The trip analysis helps to get notified about the bad driving habits like hard acceleration, hard breaking and over speeding.
  • Get notified for the sharp turns.
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Vehicle Health

  • Monitor vehicle health condition anytime and save huge amount on maintenance cost.
  • Get vital information as milage, ideal engine, battery status, engine temperature.
  • Health report platform for genuine value of your vehicle during resale
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In car wifi

  • Turns on automatically with your car
  • No batteries or chargers needed
  • Connected by the nation’s fastest and most reliable network, Verizon 4G LTE
  • And get all the benefits of a connected car
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Vehicle Tracking

  • Real time vehicle tracking
  • Remote vehile tracking
  • Trip history
  • Geo fence alerts
  • Vehicle theft security
services & applications

Alerts & Reminders

  • Driving insights alerts
  • Vehicle health alert
  • Vehicle regular maintenance alert
  • Vehicle security alert
services & applications

Garages & Road Side Assistance

  • Customer retention and satisfaction for garages & RSA providers
  • Find nearby garages and service pitstop
  • Find nearby garages and services for your vehicle
  • Get on call road side assistance.
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Fleet Management

  • Real time vehicle tracking
  • Driving behaviour of drivers
  • Fleet security
  • Service & Maintenance
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  • Usage based insurance (PAYD/PHYD)
  • Vehicle usage monitoring and scoring
  • Tracking / Theft protection service

How Does it Works?

Mecarnic is easy to install and easy to use. Get connected in 3 easy steps.


Mecarnic is easy to install and easy to use. Get connected in 3 easy steps.

Price: Rs. 4500/-

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Get Your Car A Friend To Talk.

Download & Install the application for free. Connect Mecarnic device with the application and keep a close eye on your engine.